Things that Can Go Wrong with Moving Services

During your move, accidents can happen. There are a lot of risks involved in a move, so the workers of moving services are expected to be insured. But what if that is not the case? If injuries happen during your move, and the workers of the moving service you get are not insured, you are sure to be liable for whatever expenses you have to pay.

Usually, moving services that have uninsured workers are priced cheaper than those that include compensation coverage for their employees. Compared to compensation premiums of uninsured workers, salaries of workers who are insured can be higher by 20 to 100 percent. This depends on whatever state the moving service is located.

Moving service may not get insurance coverage for their employees due to various reasons. Here are some that your moving service may consider as to why it does not have insurance for its workers:

  • The employee or employees are not working full-time for the company.
  • The moving service is new to the business.
  • The moving service does not want to disclose its legitimate compensation, and is just cheating to underbid.
  • The moving service cannot really afford insurance premiums to provide to its employees.
  • The moving service does not really stand behind their jobs and projects.

If you are planning to move, make sure that you are able to get the moving service that provides insurance to its employees. Although it is much cheaper, there are a lot of risks involved in getting a moving service that is not insured. In case an injury happens, you have to pay for all the expenses that would be incurred, such as hospital bills. It is best to take caution when you are looking for a moving service, since moving in itself already has a lot of costs included in it, not to mention the other troubles you have to go through.

There are a lot that you have to deal with when you are moving, such as the emotional adjustments that you and your whole family have to make. You also have to make other adjustments, such as finding new schools, fitting in the community, transferring your mails to your new address, and other important matters. You do not want the hassle of paying for another person’s hospital bill if in case something bad happens.

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