Help Moving Services Make Your Move Smooth

The keys to smooth residential moving are planning and preparation. Just like any other major event in life, planning and preparation make you visualize what is to happen and to put in place things so that what is planned will happen. They make you anticipate problems and prevent causes before they occur.

In moving home, planning and preparation will make you choose the best affordable moving company from the moving services that you checked out and will make you and your family ready and happily set on moving day.

Just thinking of moving house and choosing from moving services are stressful enough. Not taking the time to plan and choose in advance a move company from lots of moving services out there will surely make you mad, harassed, frustrated and tired on moving day.

People experienced in household moving have gathered data and information to guide you in your move. They have set four phases of your preparation in terms of months and days before your actual move and actual use of moving services.

The first phase occurs three to four months before your household moving date. This is now the time to sell your house and buy or rent another one in the place you are going to. Naturally, you could do this well in advance of this three-to-four month phase.

The second phase is about two months before your actual move. During this time, you choose from the moving services available. This is also the time for making inventory of your things, separating what you plan to bring with you, what you will sell or donate to charity and what you put in moving storage.

One month before your moving date is the third phase. Send notices to all your utilities about your move. Remember your electric, gas phone, cable and Internet service providers. Send your residential address change forms to publications that you subscribed to. Get records from your health providers, financial servicers and pet care clinics. You could also use this period to work out other paperwork with the moving truck company that you have chosen from among moving services.

The last phase would be around your household moving date. By this time, you should have finished all major moving tasks and activities so that you could sit down for a while and make an overview of your move.

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