When the neighbor moved…

Off late, I had been noticing a stark change in the environment near my house. No, it wasn’t the withering leaves of autumn, or the excessive smoke from that old Ford pickup! It was the rambling noises and the quarrels from the neighbors. I had been wondering as to what they were up to? Sometimes, I even took my dog, Bruno, for a walk across their plot, to overhear their quarrels. ‘No… We need one! Cant do without it…’ once I heard the lady of the house blow off. One day, as I was leaving for work, Mitchell, the neighbor, came up to me. ‘I need a favor. Could be drop in by our home sometime, to assist us with our moving?’ I finally realized that all the commotion was about the movers.

I accepted his offer, and decided to drop by their place. There are some excellent moving companies in Miami. I had used their services over the last decade a couple of times. Wondered, why the neighbors could not use them, considering the fact that they were moving a good 40 miles away. I dropped into the neighbors that evening, and looked around. The moving had started. Stuffs were strewn around though. It all looked like a bowl of spaghetti, thrown around a room. I went up to Mitch, he looked worried, the reason for which I later discovered was that, he had to report to the office near his new place in a couple of days. I shuffled through my pocket for my wallet and pulled out a card from it.

‘I don’t think I can afford one.’ He exclaimed. I pulled out my Movers Privilege card as well and requested him to use it to avail a 15% off on services. His face lit up and he literally hugged me!

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