Home Away from Home…

It was that day again, which I feared. The day when things were about to go for a toss. The day when my delicate furniture and prized belongings, was about to be cuddled up into one heap and moved to another place. Job posting had changed and so did my home along with it. The last time I shifted, I remember coining one word for it – ‘Chaos’. To be more precise, I had ended up losing 5 cds of my favorite artiste, 1 footstool, 3 pairs of hangars, 8 of my prized comic collection and yeah, spare keys to my car! The thoughts shuffled through my mind like a pack of cards. All I knew was, I needed help.

Shifting a home, was one of those tasks which looked like a cakewalk to begin with, but got increasingly tougher as one got into the thick of it. It needed meticulous planning, which was absent in me right from my cradle. My office cubicle spoke volumes of what I meant in the previous line. It was indeed some work, to keep things in place when moving. Yeah, you had it all in your mind, the cardboard boxes, tapes to seal them, wrapping paper for those curios and antique pieces etc etc. But, it all clumped into a disgusting heap when the moment of truth arrived! Home Movers have been a rescue squadron to these problems. They come as a team, generally dressed in a uniform to show you their commitment to your goods, and work their magic on your goods by shifting them in a systematic way. Moving Services have gone online to let you choose the best deal from the various Movers, available to handle your goods into your new home. This has triggered a never-seen-before competitiveness amidst the movers in the business. Least to mention, your goods are being competed with, to be handled in the most efficient way possible, with you smiling, only to end up paying the best quoted price.

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