Smooth Moves to Use with Moving Companies

Like all good relationships, good communication is the key when working with moving companies. Here are some tips to ensure that the lines stay open between homeowners and movers.

Avoid being fickle. Inform movers of the moving plan and stick to it as much as possible. Tell the movers what “has to go” and “what has to stay”. It always pays to go through the whole house and provide movers with a final moving checklist. Make sure that the list is complete and thorough since the extra weight will mean extra expenses. Remember that any changes made during the actual move may also incur extra moving costs.

Take careful note of dates. Know the closing dates, moving-out dates and inform the movers. The moving services should also know if certain dates need to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Never keep secrets. Unfortunately, surprises are a no-no when it comes to establishing a good relationship with the moving people. Inform them of items that need special packaging or may need the help of third party companies such as gym equipment or large play sets. Explicitly tell the company of items that need special handling and care like heirlooms and antiques to avoid accidents and lost.

Never settle for less. Make sure that the company has all the moving equipment that you need. Informing the company of the things that are needed for the move will help the movers prepare for the big day.

Treat movers with respect. A relationship without respect stands no chance of surviving. Moving is not an easy job, and a cranky client will not make it any easier. Treat movers with respect and they will also give good service.

Homeowners should make sure that there is always open communication between them and their moving companies. This would help guarantee a stress-free move for both movers and homeowners.

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