“Small” Company Moving – Is it for you?

Hiring a company moving to help you with your move is actually a practical option especially if you do not want to feel too stressed.

However, there are times when movers might be too expensive since you only have very few items to move and getting a self-service mover is just too cumbersome for you.

In cases like this, you might want to consider getting the services of a small mover. As their name implies, these movers are expert in relocations or moves that are less complicated to meet the minimum that other commercial lines require.

The services that a small company moving provides are similar to that of full-service movers but priced less.

They do not usually have any weight requirements and often base their price on the individual weight of the items to be moved. They can help move entire or partial households and even single items such as precious heirlooms and antiques.

In addition, they can also help you pack your things or put them in crates. If you want the other items to be shipped to your new home, they can provide freight delivery services to domestic or even international destinations. Storage services are available as well.

There are many advantages to hiring these small moving companies.

First of all, you will not be surprised with fees since the amount you pay is based on several factors like manpower, distance and type of service you have chosen. The actual poundage of your items will be used to calculate the fee they have to charge you.

Compared to large full-service movers, you will not be charged with a higher rate if you want to move on a holiday or during the peak season. You also get to enjoy much savings since you are not required to pay a particular fee if you happen to not meet the minimum weight requirement. They even offer basic insurance coverage for free.

And so, if you have a modest amount of items to be moved and would want to stay within your budget, a small company moving is your best bet. You can even use their services if you are not comfortable with using the traditional mail services when shipping or relocating important items.

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