Residential Moving Companies in NY Are Going Green

To help save the environment, several residential moving companies in NY have begun offering the use of their plastic bins and containers instead of the usual cardboard boxes. In addition, some have also given paperless moving quotes as well as purchased trucks and vans that utilize biodiesel fuel.

Although commercial movers have long shifted to reusable plastic crates to transport various goods and merchandise, it would seem that residential movers have just caught on especially with the customers demanding that they go greener and less wasteful of paper materials.

One of these moving companies in NY which has turned “green” is Movers not Shakers. Aside from using reusable plastic bins, their trucks are also running on biodiesel. Their decision to do so has actually resulted to more customers. Not only are they helping protect the environment but their business is also doing much better.

Another New York-based mover, Moishe’s Moving Company, has decided to go green by establishing a paperless system in their offices as well as program that involved exchanging boxes. The company even shreds their old cardboard boxes and transforms it into packing material.

Encouraged by such stories, a network of green moving companies, Green Movers USA, has launched a website that will help people who are planning on moving to find local green movers. Price estimates are even given using an online bidding system.

In addition to utilizing reusable plastic bins, movers concerned about the environment are coming up with various strategies to reduce their carbon footprint. This means cutting back the time spent by their trucks on the road. Some companies even urge employees to use bicycles when going to and from work. Marketing their services also no longer involves glossy brochures and paper quotes.

For most moving companies in NY, the challenge to go green is being seriously undertaken. Although the initial cost of going green can be quite high, they are looking far ahead and considering the bigger consequence of destroying the environment much more costly.

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