7 Tips on Choosing Moving Companies

In order to make your relocation a success, picking the right moving company services provider is the first step to accomplish this. Consider the following tips:

  1. Ask the moving company about the fees they collect for moving service. An ideal moving company is one that charges based on weight and distance rather than volume. The reason is simple – charging based on volume is not as accurate. Also, both weight and distance must be considered – not weight alone. If the moving company collects the same fee regardless of the miles, you must be doubtful.
  2. Ask the moving company whether their estimate is as accurate as possible. Some moving companies give blown up estimates that might scare you will others give very low estimates that are at high risk of being exceeded. Find a moving service that is professional in giving estimates.
  3. Choose a moving company that offers to perform an in-home estimate. First, it shows that the moving service is willing to spend time working with you. Second, an in-home estimate is much more accurate than one that is done over the phone.
  4. Ask the moving company whether they offer temporary storage. If they do, ask them how much they charge for a certain period of time. There are moving companies that offer temporary storage for free, some offer it free for the first month, and some do not offer it for free at all. There are also companies that charge hidden costs particularly when you have to get into your stuff while it is in storage.
  5. Choose only a moving company that is insured and fully bonded. There are some people who become victim of fly-by-night companies. Ask questions about the company like how long they have been operating. You have to know the moving company before working with them.
  6. Ask about the mode of payment to the moving company. There are companies that accept credit card payments and there are those who do not. Knowing about such details can spare you from unnecessary trouble later on.
  7. Know all about the refund policy of the moving company. Some companies give full refunds if you cancel the transaction within a certain period of time while others refuse to give refunds. Ask the moving company about their policy so you can have a sense of security when you book early.

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